Basic Historical Information of  Garden City Presbyterian Church
Other name by which your church has been officially known:

The Presbyterian Church in Nankin  1832 – 1840
First Nankin Presbyterian Church 1840 - 1846
Associate Congregation of Nankin 1846 – 1871
East Nankin Church 1871 - 1928
Garden City Presbyterian Church 1928 – present

Date of Organization : February 8, 1832    
Present Address:  1841 Middlebelt Rd., Garden city MI 48135

Prior Addresses:
Cooper School Building 1832 (Ann Arbor Trail between Middlebelt and Inkster Rds.)
Building erected on property of the Stringer Farm 1870’s – Ford Rd. and Inkster Rd. area

Our congregation is Caucasian and this has not changed significantly, however, we are seeing an increase in other racial groups in the past few months.

Our church has been focused in a number of articles in our local newspaper reporting on various sponsored events.

  • Documentation has been written regarding our history.  None are available electronically.
    History of Garden City Presbyterian Church, written by Rev. R.R. Rives, Pastor Emeritus, May 15, 1975.  Archived copy on file at GCPC

  • The Presbyterian Presence in Nankin Township,  A Brief History of Garden City Presbyterian Church, compiled by Wendelin T. Hughes, 2002.   

In November 2005, GCPC merged with First Wayne Presbyterian Church.

Remaining visible in community outreach opportunities, i.e. Strawberry Festival, Rummage Sale, Holiday Bazaar, Petticoat Ladies, A
Mom-to-Mom sale, supporting food banks, and sewing outreach

GCPC is a small “hometown-like” church with a high commitment to proclaiming the Gospel and serving Christ.  We are a friendly and family-oriented church where people can come to know the Lord from all walks of life

We are known as the friendly church and are keeping our presence known in the community with various activities open to the community like our VBS, Alive in the Park and Saturday Night Light.  We are striving to improve our church membership by keeping the church visible in the community. We have a website for people searching for Christ and continue to seek new ways to use this technology.  We have updated our church sign to an animated digital display.  We have updated our sanctuary with improved audio/visual technology, and have introduced a Praise-format service hoping to bring more people into our church.   

Our membership increased with the merger of GCPC and Wayne First.  However, as with other churches, we continue to lose members due to uncontrollable reasons such as an aging congregation, health concerns, and changes in work schedules.   

We have identified a significant challenge to our church as well as to other churches.  We are living in a non-Christian culture where the norm is to be un-churched.  Busy schedules and lifestyles do not fit into a church-going society.  Major life changing events, i.e. a death, wedding and even a baptism, frequently bring people back to the church.  Keeping these people coming to church is a challenge.  We must accept the fact that society has deemed it not necessary to go to church.  Once we do, we can begin to be missionaries to the un-churched

Other points of interest:

1.    GCPC Memorial Gardens was established in 2001 for the inhumation of the ashes of members and family.

2.    On November 1, 2005, our congregation merged with the Wayne First Presbyterian Church bringing 28 brothers and sisters of faith to our church.

3.    In 2008, our sanctuary had a extensive remodel which updated our sound and A/V systems, and chancel area bringing our church into the 21st century and providing us with many possibilities of concerts and worship experiences.